What’s on my mind right now

Sitting on my couch take a sip of tea a thought came into my mind why every successful person whether they are good in English, or doing a good job, or enjoying their comfy life assume that weak persons are just worthless put laugh on it.

Hi, I’m just starting my blogging career I don’t know much about blogging how to inscribe that attracts my viewers. A day before a client reach me to complete his task he sent me a link and I have to copy-paste it in the sameway. I open it but didn’t work so I tell him ‘hello sir your link isn’t open’ he put laugh and asked do have an experience. Further, he says don’t you have a laptop, I say yes I do sir. long story short I open the link and tell him, sir, it’s open, and started work on it after completed I sent him but he didn’t reply just ignore it.

I feel like bro I know I’m starting my career I’m new in this field but it’s doesn’t mean you have a right to lough on me or joke on me.

Who knows put a joke on a person because he or she doesn’t have an experience in the future they get success in their life.

Published by SJ

1.I believe that my skills and my ability to work in a team have been valuable during my bachelor's period i did volunteering in couple of seminars with different teams. 2.I have consistently shown commitment and motivation ever since i joined the freelancing work.I meets at deadlines and objectives on time. 3.I have demonstrated my problem-solving skills several times during my free lancing work."I manage to solve difficult situations efficiently. "My goal is to become a well-known freelancer and want to explore all my hidden talents and make my name in the digital marketing world".

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